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Leaky Pipeline Study

There is much discussion about the equality of career opportunities for women and men. A recent study provides surprising results on the phenomenon of leaky pipelines in science.

Results of a recent survey

The leaky pipeline refers to the fact that the proportion of women in a career decreases with each additional qualification level. This is no different in science than in business and administration. In German-speaking countries, women now account for well over 50 percent of bachelor's degrees at universities. However, the proportion of women in full professorships is collapsing across the board (Germany 22 percent, Austria 28 percent, Switzerland 23 percent). While the share of women in bachelor's and master's degrees, doctorates and assistant professorships has grown steadily, it has remained almost the same for full professorships in Switzerland over the past decade - unlike in Germany and Austria.

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Image: Leaky Pipeline an der UZH, 2020. Source: