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The University of Zurich conducts cutting-edge research at seven faculties, more than 150 institutes and hospitals as well as at 21 centres of competence, 13 university wide, 12 clinical and 12 national research priority programs. This makes the University of Zurich one of the leading research universities in Europe and attaches great importance to offering its researchers the best development and career opportunities. Here you will find an overview of diverse funding opportunities as well as various further information and support services.



Are you looking for funding opportunities for your next research project, a travel grant or a funding solution for your doctoral research?

The staff of the UZH Grants Office will be pleased to support you in your inquiry into UZH-internal and national sources of funding:

Phone +41 44 634 20 50

For european and international funding, please contact EU GrantsAccess:

Website EU GrantsAccess


Selected funding instruments for your career level

 Funding instruments are commonly divided into two types:

  • Career funding is personal and non-​transferable. The researching individuals are in the focus and apply for their own salary within the framework of a research project designed by them. Career funding instruments are aimed mostly (but not exclusively) at PhD students and postdocs.
  • Project funding is intended to finance material costs and salaries of project members apart from the PI. Since this PI is typically already employed at a research institution and receives a salary from there, this type of funding is generally associated with established researchers. However, there are also instruments for doctoral and postdoctoral project funding.

Applying for and managing grants

Do you plan to raise third-party funding for your research project and need help with the application process and budget calculation? Do you have questions about the correct billing and completion of your ongoing third-party funding project? Here you will find further information on the financial management of research projects.

Apply for and manage grants

All UZH processes relating to third-party funded projects are handled via the AVA platform. AVA supports the preparation of project proposals (including budgeting) and receiving letters of confirmation. The financial processes of ongoing projects are opened and managed in AVA. AVA also offers the opportunity to clarify ethical and data protection issues relating to research projects.

AVA third-party funding platform

Learn AVA

Research Funding Pathways

funding pathways

This overview shows various funding opportunities on the time axis after the Master's degree:

Overview Research Funding Pathways (PDF, 169 KB)

Extensive search for funding opportunities

Visit the database *Research Professional, which is freely accessible to UZH researchers (on campus, via VPN or by setting up a personal account with your UZH email address)!

UZH Access to Research Professional

2-min YouTube guide on how to use the search function

2-min YouTube tutorial on saving searches and creating email alerts