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Open Science at UZH

The University is the social space of free and public science. Open access to knowledge and the processes in science increases the dissemination and further development of knowledge and the credibility of science. With the Open Science Policy, the University of Zurich creates the necessary prerequisites to be able to integrate the practices and values of an open science culture into the structure and processes of UZH. The aim is to establish Open Science as the norm. The Open Science delegates and the office are responsible for the strategic orientation of UZH in matters of Open Science.

UZH Open-Science-Policy

Website Open Science

Open Data, Open Access and Data Management

The University of Zurich promotes free access to scientific data and publications and thus the dissemination of scientific findings. Various departments and offices at UZH offer a wide range of support and advice services for handling data. Here you can find an overview:

Website Data Management

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Open Science Office

Katherine Hermans, Email

Manuela Höfler, Email