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Research Animals days 2023 at UZH

Time and again, the media report on the successes of biomedical research at the University of Zurich. Many of these successes are based on animal experiments, which is why it is important to UZH to communicate transparently about the topic of animal experiments and to engage in discourse with the public. Thus, UZH is one of the founding members and currently the lead institution of STAAR (Swiss Transparency Agreement on Animal Research).

How and why animals are used in research is also addressed at the "Research Animals days" event, where UZH employees and students have been able to obtain first-hand information on animal experiments at UZH since 2016.

This year, those responsible for animal husbandry, researchers, and the Office for Animal Welfare and 3R once again provided an insight into their work and answered questions from interested parties. In addition to an information booth in the atrium of the Irchel campus, there was the opportunity to take part in guided tours of the animal facilities and visit rodents, large and farm animals, and zebrafish.

Research Animals Days 2023 (german only)