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Wings for Science: The Swiss Parabolic Program

Parabolic flights are one of the most important pillars for research, development, and applications in space. Oliver Ullrich, UZH Space Hub director and president of the Swiss Skylab Foundation, developed the world’s first non-governmental parabolic flight program using Novespace’s Airbus A310 ZERO-G.

The program was very successful and resulted in 34 experiments and tests in microgravity conducted by universities and organizations in the industry, culminating in many scientific publications, better products and in larger follow-up projects for all users. The publication discusses the difficulties, problems, and success factors of building a large-scale flight research platform “bottom-up” by scientists for scientists on a voluntary, non-governmental, and non-commercial basis.

Aerospace | Free Full-Text | Swiss Parabolic Flights: Development of a Non-Governmental Parabolic Flight Program in Switzerland Based on the Airbus A310 ZERO-G (

Image: The fourth Swiss parabolic flight campaign took place in June 2020 and was the world's first parabolic flight conducted under Covid-19 regulations. By Regina Sablotny, UZH.