National Centers of Competence in Research

Starting in 2001, the Swiss National Science Foundation has had a federal mandate to promote National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCRs). NCCRs are long-term research projects of outstanding quality which have special emphasis on both interdisciplinary and innovative approaches within the disciplines involved.

The objective of the NCCR program is the sustained strengthening of Swiss research in fields that are highly relevant for the development of the society and economy. NCCRs are supposed to achieve internationally recognised research, to support talented doctoral and postdoc students and to engage in fostering the transfer of knowledge and technology.

The management office of each NCCR is situated at a university or another research institution. In addition to the research groups based at the home institution, or leading house, each NCCR serves as a network in which other teams working throughout Switzerland are directly involved.

NCCRs with UZH as Leading House

NCCRs with Participation of UZH Research Groups

Former NCCR (University of Zurich as Leading House)

  • NCCR Mediality
  • NCCR Democracy
  • NCCR Neuro
  • NCCR Structural Biology