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UZH for Researchers


Privatdozenten and Privatdozentinnen perform multiple teaching and research tasks. In order to support them,  the Privatdozenten foundation (PD-Stiftung) was founded in 1957 by a patron of the university. In the year 2000 the PDV (the association representing Privatdozenten and adjunct professors at the UZH) contributed the capital of its relief fund, which it had accumulated over many years, to the PD-Stiftung. Since then the PDV has held a majority in the Board of Trustees. The PD-Stiftung uses the foundation’s capital to support scientific work by Privatdozenten and Privatdozentinnen at the UZH.

Since the restructuring of the University’s representative bodies in 2019 the PDV is not a representative body of the UZH any more. However, the PDV will continue to exist as the former professional association of PDs, and with it the PD-Stiftung. It will continue to support all PDs and adjunct professors that conduct research and teach at the UZH.

The foundation grants financial contributions of CHF 3,000 to CHF 10,000 towards specific costs of projects leading to a publication. It prefers to support open access publications. Salary costs and expenses for infrastructure (space rentals, material costs etc.) are not covered. An application may be submitted electronically at any time.

Members of the Board of Trustees:
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark, President
Prof. Dr. Josette Baer Hill, Representative of the PDs
Prof. Dr. André C. Wohlgemuth, Representative of the PDs

Contact person: Anastasia Risch (E-Mail, Telefon 044 634 20 30)

Postal address: Privatdozenten-Stiftung, c/o UZH Grants Office, Hirschengraben 48, 8001 Zürich