PRIMA (Promoting Women in Academia)

PRIMA grants are aimed at excellent women researchers who show a high potential for obtaining a professorship. PRIMA grantees conduct an independent research project with their own team at least at the group leader level within a Swiss research institution.

PRIMA grants cover the grantee's salary and project costs for a five-year period. With this competitive grant, PRIMA grantees can carve out a name for themselves and take the next step up the academic career ladder: a professorship.

If a PRIMA grantee is appointed as a professor in Switzerland during the funding period, the remaining amount of the PRIMA grant will be transferred to the new place of work as research funds.

Submission deadline
1 November

Written confirmation of the research institution

To submit your application to the SNSF, you will need a written confirmation of the research institution, which consists of two separate letters:

Letter 1: Detailed confirmation signed by the contact person mentioned in the application and by the head of the institute/department
Letter 2: General confirmation of the Vice President Research

In order for the general confirmation letter (letter 2) to be issued on time, the detailed confirmation (letter 1) must be sent to the UZH Grants Office ( by 25 October 2021 at the latest.

Below you will find the template of the SNSF for letter 1 as a Word document (for female and male applicants respectively; the German version can be found on the German website).

Please use the institute's/department’s letterhead and replace the bold text [in brackets].

Template detailed confirmation (DOCX, 54 KB)