AXA Fellowships

The AXA Research Fund's mission is to support outstanding researchers and committed to improving peoples’ lives through innovative research in areas of Climate & Environment, Health, New Technologies, and Socio-Economics.

AXA Post-Doctoral Fellowships: New calls for proposals

AXA Fellowships aim at supporting promising researchers on a topic aligned with AXA’s priorities and societal challenges.

  • Call 1: Towards an improved and better supported Mental Health
  • Call 2: Cyber Risk: Creating a Safer Cyberspace

For detailed information about funding scheme, specific topics of the calls, and the application procedure, please consult the applications guidelines on the website of the AXA Research Fund.

Important: Internal deadline for applications from UZH is 15 May 2019

The number of applications is fixed by the AXA RF to one application per call and institution. Candidates cannot submit directly to the AXA RF, they first have to submit a short proposal to the UZH Grants Office. In case multiple candidates are interested to apply, the UZH Grants Office has to pre-select one application per call on behalf of the Vice President Research.

Candidates have to send their short proposal in English providing the information mentioned below by 15 May 2019 at the latest to

The short proposal must include:

  1. First and last name and e-mail address of the candidate
  2. Birth date of the candidate
  3. Citizenship of the candidate
  4. Exact PhD defense date (after 20 Nov 2013 and before 20 May 2019)
  5. Current university the candidate is affiliated with
  6. Host institute at the UZH where the project will be conducted
  7. Project title: max. 200 characters incl. spaces/breaks
  8. Project summary: max. 3000 characters incl. spaces/breaks (as separate Word-Doc!)
  9. Short CV: max. 3 pages incl. important publications (as separate PDF)
  10. Letter of Support by the candidate’s supervisor at the host institute: Commitment to providing necessary infrastructure and support to the researcher and the project (as separate PDF)

As from 23 May 2019, one candidate per call will be invited to submit his/her full application to the AXA RF.