SNSF Project Funding

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) awards funding for basic scientific research in all subject areas.

Project funding is aimed at experienced researchers working in Switzerland. SNSF funding covers direct expenses such as research equipment, salaries of co-workers and travel expenses. Funding is granted for a period of 12 to 48 months.

Applicants have to be employed at a research institution for the duration of the proposed project. The applicants' own salaries are not covered by the project funding scheme.

Submission deadlines

1 April and 3 October (application via mySNF)

Please note: the submission deadline for all SNSF funding instruments is 17.00h Swiss local time.

SNSF Grants for reduction of teaching commitments

Professors can apply for grants for reduction of teaching commitments (one to a maximum of four hours per week) within the framework of SNSF projects in division I (Humanities and Social Sciences). For details please see the SNSF website.

When submitting the application to the SNSF, a confirmation must be uploaded that the university agrees with the application for a grant for reduction of teaching commitments.

To be able to issue the letter of confirmation by the Office of the Vice President Research in time, the UZH Grants Office (, phone +41 44 634 20 50) needs the following information no later than 25 March (for the deadline 1 April) or 25 September (for the deadline 1 October):

  • detailed information on the reduction requested (how many semester hours per week, in which semester(s))
  • proof of consent by the management of the study program, the head of the institute and the faculty to the planned reduction of teaching commitments in case of approval of the application by the SNSF.