The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) awards Sinergia grants for projects that are both collaborative and interdisciplinary and that propose breakthrough research.

The program is geared towards established researchers. At least two and at the most four applicants may submit an application for a Sinergia grant together.

Applicants may be based at various universities or research centres in Switzerland. One applicant may be based outside Switzerland if their expertise is essential and if the overall number of applicants for the relevant proposal is three or four.

Duration of funding
1 to 4 years

Submission deadline
1 June and 1 December

Applicants' declarations instead of University's institutional declarations

Applicants have to enter detailed information on their employment and function in mySNF when submitting a proposal. This declaration by the applicants replaces the former "institutional declarations".

Therefore, submission of the form "Confirmation of general conditions and infrastructure" to the UZH Grants Office isn't necessary anymore.