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Innosuisse Projects

Suisse Innovation Agency

Innosuisse supports projects in the area of applied research and development and promotes cooperation between institutions of higher learning and industry. The most important elements for receiving Innosuisse support are a project's innovative content and its chances for success on the market. Innosuisse places great importance on the efficient transfer of knowledge and technology between institutions of higher learning and industry. Innosuisse as well promotes the foundation and etablishment of start-ups.

The modus operandi for Innosuisse projects is the bottom-up principle, meaning the project partners define the projects, not Innosuisse. A Innosuisse project involves direct cooperation between at least one company and a non-commercial research institution. Another measure enables early-stage projects without a partner in industry to be eligible for funding.

Proposals can be submitted to Innosuisse several times a year.

The national hourly rates of the UZH and its contract hospitals can be requested from the Grants Management.

Please note that in all Innosuisse projects the free, non-exclusive right to use the project findings must be granted to the partner in the industrial sector. Researchers and universities are therefore called on to think well before embarking on a project.

The office for technology transfer Unitectra offers researchers support when negotiating a contract with a company.

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