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UZH for Researchers

University Research Priority Programs

In order to underpin its position among the world’s leading research institutions, the University of Zurich has established its University Research Priority Programs (URPP). The URPP create and promote interdisciplinary academic networks in selected focal areas and contribute to advancing knowledge in research fields that benefit society.

Watch the video to find out how UZH's University Research Priority Programs have triggered sustainable developments and established themselves as successful funding programs.

University Research Priority Programs II - 2013-2024 (Video: MELS)

Current deadlines



22 September - 10 October: Planned submission timeframe financial Forecast 2 2023, Positions 2024, Budget 2024

31 January 2024 (UFSP 3rd Series): Progress report 2023, Development Plan and Budget 2025-2028, Program Site Visit Evaluation 

31 March 2024: Progress report 2023 URPP 2nd Series

Current URPP

In January 2021, the five new URPP of the third series started their work. The projects were presented in more detail during an online kick-off event on March 23, 2021.

Presentations Kick-Off Event (PDF, 18 MB)

All ongoing University Research Priority Programs

Former URPP

  • Asia and Europe
  • Ethics
  • Finance and Financial Markets
  • Foundations of Human Social Behavior:
    Altruism and Egoism
  • Integrative Human Physiology
  • Systems Biology / Functional Genomics