Research Integrity

Research integrity is an indispensable prerequisite for progress in research and for the credibility and acceptance of science and its institutions in society. Research integrity is based on adherence to fundamental principles of good scientific practice in the sense of reliability, probity, respect, and responsibility1.

The University of Zurich and its members are committed to these principles. To promote research integrity and prevent scientific misconduct, it provides information and training opportunities as well as legally clearly regulated structures and procedures for investigating cases of suspected scientific misconduct.

Integrity Ordinance of the UZH

The ordinance on dealing with scientific misconduct at the University of Zurich (integrity ordinance)2 is based on national and international standards for dealing with scientific misconduct. It applies to all persons working scientifically at UZH at the time of a scientific misconduct, including doctoral students. It defines what is understood by scientific misconduct and distinguishes between three instances in the procedure.

Ombudsperson: First point of contact and advisory body

The ombudsperson and his deputies are the first and central point of contact in the event of suspected scientific misconduct and receive corresponding reports. They perform an advisory, supportive and mediatory role on a university-wide basis and conduct preliminary inquiries following receipt of a report. If the ombudsperson or his deputies deem a procedure to examine scientific misconduct necessary, they inform the university’s executive board, the legal services, and the person accused of misconduct.

Research Integrity Delegate: Investigative body

The Research Integrity Delegate or his deputy conducts procedures on behalf of the university’s executive board to investigate suspected scientific misconduct. If necessary, an investigative commission can be deployed.

University’s Executive Board: Decision-making body

As the decision-making body, the university’s executive board finally decides on how to conclude the proceedings and any measures to be taken on the basis of the results of the investigation and the recommendations of the investigating body.

Suspected scientific misconduct or general questions: Who should I contact?

The ombudsperson and his deputies are the first point of contact in the event of suspected scientific misconduct of researchers at the UZH (including doctoral students) and receive corresponding reports. They also provide general advice and support on issues of research integrity. All requests are treated strictly confidentially.

To send a message to the ombudsperson and his deputies, please fill out their contact form. If you would like to have a personal or phone conversation, you can also indicate this in the contact form.