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Research involving Animals and Animal Welfare

The University of Zurich is one of the world's leading institutions in the field of life sciences. The findings resulting from this rapidly growing field of science are of great social and economic benefit. Experiments on live animals are still essential in many fields of research. The University of Zurich therefore has clear guidelines for the humane treatment of experimental animals.

Policy on Research Involving Animals

UZH employees working in animal research, as well as their superiors and management bodies, are committed to the strategic principles and guidelines laid down in the UZH Policy on Research involving Animals.

UZH Policy on Research Involving Animals

Animal Welfare and 3Rs

Researchers are supported in the planning and execution of experiments by the Animal Welfare Division and 3R - in the preparation of animal experimental applications and in particular with regard to the reduction of suffering in experimental animals, biometric planning and methods for the reduction or replacement of animals in experiments. Special attention is paid to the "3R" principles (replace, reduce, refine).

Website Animal Welfare and 3Rs

Laboratory Animal Services Center (LASC)

The Laboratory Animal Service Center (LASC) is the central point of contact at UZH for all concerns and questions relating to laboratory animals in research. LASC is committed to humane and high-quality animal husbandry, thus ensuring both the welfare of the animals and the observance of hygiene standards, both during and after the experiments. In order to reduce animal transport to a minimum, LASC maintains its own laboratory facilities. For quality assurance purposes, only animal experiments with animals from the laboratory premises of LASC are allowed at the University of Zurich.  Furthermore, the institute is responsible for strict compliance with all cantonal and federal directives and ordinances in the handling of laboratory animals and advises the biomedical research community accordingly on the implementation of animal experiments.

Website LASC

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Contact Office for Animal Welfare and 3R

Winterthurerstr. 190, 8057 Zürich

Animal Welfare Officer
Tel. +41 44 63 58292 (Dr. Michaela Thallmair), 56709 (Dr. Corina Berset), Dr. Melania Osto

3R-Coordinator Dr. Paulin Jirkof
Tel: +41 44 63 58294

Biostatistics Consulting Dr. Bernadetta Tarigan
Tel: +41 44 63 55855
Biostatistics consulting

Mail AWOs

Mail 3R-Coordinator

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