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UZH for Researchers

  • 2024_WGMS

    WGMS - World Glacier Monitoring Service

    Database of over a thousand glacier data from all over the world.

  • FGCZ_2024

    FGCZ - Functional Genomics Center Zurich

    Decoding body function: from lipids to DNA sequences.

  • Zytometrie


    Characterization and sorting of particles.

  • LiRI2024

    LiRI - Linguistic Research Infrastructure

    For a holistic research of language and its application.

  • MRZ

    MRZ-PUK - Magnetic Resonance Center

    Non-invasive MRI imaging for psychological research.

  • NSF

    Nanobody Service Facility

    Research advantages thanks to the simpler antibodies from alpacas.

  • SARI

    SARI - Swiss Art Research Infrastructure

    Networked cultural data, prepared for research.

  • ZMB

    ZMB - Center for Microscopy and Image Analysis

    High-tech light and electron microscopy.

  • ViralVectorFacility

    Viral Vector Facility

    Repository of AAV viral vectors, production of specific viral vectors and molecular biology services.

  • AddmanFactory_AMF

    AMF - Additive Manufacturing Facility

    3D printing and other additive manufacturing methods.

  • ephac

    e-phac - Electrophysiology Facility

    Measuring cell reactions with electrical impulses.

  • RMTP

    RMTP - Regenerative Medicine Technology Platform

    The translation platform for results from regenerative medicine research.

Technology platforms

Technology Platforms (TPF) are highly specialized facilities in a wide range of fields. They offer all UZH researchers state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge data and extensive specialist expertise. TPFs enable researchers to rely on existing know-how and equipment for technically challenging questions and thus carry out their research projects faster and to the highest standards.

All Technology Platforms are waiting in the Tech-Engine to be discovered by you! 

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With the CoachTechTool you can conveniently download and study the current catalog of technology platforms as a PDF.




Office for strategic research platforms
Dr. Thomas Trüb / Dr. Thomas Spirig 
Hirschengraben 48
8001 Zürich



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