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UZH for Researchers

UZH Research Committee

The Research Committee is a commission of the Extended University Executive Board. It is administratively subordinate to the Prorectorate for Research.

Within the scope of its competence, the Research Committee decides on grants from the funding programmes of the University Research Fund (UFO). It can discuss strategic concerns in connection with the promotion of young researchers. The University Executive Board may assign further tasks in the area of research promotion to the Research Committee.

Each faculty and each department is represented by two members. The faculty representatives are elected by the competent body of the respective faculties, the stand delegates are elected on the basis of the regulations for the election of stand delegates to the bodies and other committees of the University of Zurich. The Vice President Research chairs the committee.

Current members of the Research Promotion Commission of the UZH:

(term of office faculties: 01.08.2021 - 31.07.2024 / term of office Estates: 1.8.2023 - 31.7.2025).

  • Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark, Vice President Research (Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Rafael Walthert, Vice Dean Research ThF
  • Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. Helmut Heiss, Vice Dean Research, RWF
  • Prof. Dr. iur. Kern Alexander, RWF
  • Prof. Dr. Michel Habib, WWF
  • Prof. Dr. Christiane Barz, WWF
  • Prof. Dr. Maries van den Broek, Vice Dean Research MeF
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Baumgartner, MeF
  • Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Nägeli, VSF
  • Prof. Dr. Cornel Fraefel, VSF
  • Prof. Dr. Raji Steineck, Vice Dean Research PhF
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Widmer, PhF
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Gorodnik, MNF
  • Prof. Dr. Owen Petchey, Vice Dean Infrastructure / Academic career development MNF
  • Merle Ederhof, PhD, Representative FFL
  • PD Dr. Simona Grano, Representative FFL
  • Dr. Alexa Stiller, Representative WNW
  • Noëmi Aepli, Representative WNW
  • Alia Slater, Representative Students
  • Dr. Astrid Habenstein, Representative ATP
  • Dr. Claudine Leysinger, Representative ATP

The Research Committee receives administrative support from the UZH Grants Office:

UZH Grants Office
Reserach Development, PR Research
Hirschengraben 48
8001 Zurich