There are several ways to finance operations and make investments in technology platforms.

The prevailing provisions on financing investments and operations of technology platforms are set out in the concpet paper (PDF, 511 KB) (in German).

Funding for Technology Platform Operations

Operating technology platforms is made possible through basic funding, user fees, and in some cases third-party funds as well as additional TPF funding.


Basic Funding

For central TPF, the amount of operating funds for the basic funding is defined by the Office of the Vice President for Research. A business plan for the budget is developed on the basis of the services offered, the administrative costs, and the number of users. Central TPF that are approved receive basic funding for a period of four years, thus guaranteeing stability.
In the case of non-central TPF, the amount of operating funds for basic funding is defined by the UZH unit responsible (institute/department/faculty).


User Fees

All users of research-related services provided by a technology platform must pay a fee. The fees go toward funding operating and equipment costs, including service contracts, expendable supplies, and regular maintenance.


Technology Commission Funding (TPF Funding)

TPF funding can be used to quickly respond in cases of unforeseen costs. On application, the following types of costs can be covered in technology platforms recognized by the University of Zurich:

  • Short-term coverage of unforeseen costs;
  • High effort required to establish methodology;
  • Share of basic funding for non-central TPF (only if more than 10% of all users are not affiliated with the UZH unit in charge);
  • Temporary payment of user fees if a user co-finances large equipment in a technology platform (maximal amount is 20% of the overall investment);
  • Projects that benefit all UZH technology platforms as well as projects with an overarching research aim.

Information on applying for TPF funding is available in the Guidelines for TPF funding (PDF, 118 KB) (in German).

Funding for Technology Platform Investments

Funding equipment in technology platforms is done via the University of Zurich's Investment Fund, via third-party funding, or via the Equipment Fund.


Investment Fund

The office Demand Management is responsible for submitting UZH's complete investment budget to the Executive Board of the University; this information is used to manage the resources in the Investment Fund and to oversee procurements of equipment. Applications for large equipment are referred to the Technology Commission. If the Technology Commission approves an application for large equipment submitted by a technology platform, this investment is given priority over applications submitted by the institutes/departments.


Shares from Third-Party Funds or the Equipment Fund

No fixed contribution fee to help fund investments is levied for the users or operators of a technology platform. Nevertheless, an incentive system can be established that favors users or operators who have helped pay for an investment.