Recognition as an Official UZH Technology Platform

With their recognition, UZH's technology platforms benefit from higher prioritisation of their investment applications. All technology platforms can further apply to receive funding from the Technology Commission.

Researchers choose between two basic types of technology platform – depending on the distribution of their targeted user group and on the targeted service (distributing own research or supporting users):

Non-central platforms:

  • Limited user groups
  • Fixed structures in institutes, departments, or faculties
  • Technology designed for research focus of operators; other researchers have access to the equipment

Central platforms:

  • Cross-faculty user groups
  • Independent organization outside an institute or department
  • Focus on user support, technology development, and service

Upon receiving recognition, central TPF are assigned – as an organizational and financial unit – to the Office of the Vice President for Veterinary Medicine and Science, where they benefit from a stable budget during a four-year evaluation period.

The Executive Board of the University is responsible for recognizing central TPF; the Technology Commission is responsible for recognizing non-central TPF. The faculty concerned is also involved in the decision-making process. Details on recognition, including the required documents, are available in the General Fact Sheet (PDF, 477 KB) (in German).