Technology Commission

Technology Commission

The Technology Commission has an advisory role in the Executive Board of the University concerning investments in, and further development of, technology platforms. The Commission decides on allocating additional funding from TPF funding. With its Head Office, it is a key point of contact for all matters related to technology platforms and their users.

Members of the Technology Commission:

  • Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark, Vice President Research (Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Harald Gall, Dean, Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics (Deputy Chair)
  • Prof. Dr. Maries van den Broek, Vice Dean Research, Faculty of Medicine
  • Prof. Dr. Roland Sigel, Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Lutz, Vice Dean Teaching, Vetsuisse Faculty
  • Prof. Dr. Raji Steineck, Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Ulvi Doguoglu, Managing Director, Faculty of Theology
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Thier, Vice Dean Ressources, Faculty of Law

Head Office

The Technology Commission has instituted an administrative office to support its activities. The office is part of the Division of Strategic Research Platforms and is the first point of contact for all questions related to technology platforms.

Dr. Thomas Spirig
Sectretary, Technology Commission
Phone +41 44 634 57 98

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Technology Commission
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