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UZH for Researchers

ERC Grants

Highly competitive grants of the European Research Council (ERC) are aimed at outstanding researchers of all ages, sexes and nationalities. Scientific excellence is the only evaluation criterion.

Starting Grants and Consolidator Grants assist the best starting researchers with excellent ideas to make the transition to independence by providing adequate support at the critical stage when they are setting up or consolidating their own research team or programme.

Advanced Grants support outstanding and established research leaders to further expand their work.

Applications of UZH researchers

Switzerland is currently treated as a non-associated third country for the submission of project proposals in Horizon Europe and other related programmes and initiatives. In this status, researchers based in Switzerland cannot submit proposals for ERC Starting, Consolidator or Advanced Grants.

Please contact EU GrantsAccess for further questions.

Detailed information from SERI

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EU GrantsAccess

ERC Funded Projects

Use the ERC's search facility to quickly and easily find examples of ERC funded projects.