Doc.CH: Grants for doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) offers a funding scheme aimed at doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences: Doc.CH (HSS). The scheme is aimed at promising researchers matriculated at a Swiss university who wish to write a dissertation in the humanities and social sciences on a topic of their own choice.

The grant comprises the grantee's own salary and covers further costs directly linked to the project.

Eligibility requirements

  • Swiss Master degree (or similar degree) with excellent marks
    (Researchers with a foreign degree are also entitled to submit an application if they have Swiss nationality.)
  • Submission max. 2 years after master
  • In principle at least one change of higher education institution between bachelor and start of PhD
  • 2 supervisors: main supervisor (place of matriculation for doctorate) and co-supervisor (at another higher education institution)

from 2 to max. 4 years (grant in two parts: 2 years + 1-2 years)

Submission deadlines
10 March and 10 September

Further information and the Doc.CH regulations can be found on the SNSF website.