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Data Technologies for the Humanities

Technology in the Humanities research

In the field of humanities research, the expansion and use of research infrastructure is experiencing a boom.

Much of this new infrastructure takes the form of technology platforms. Such platforms enable all researchers to access cutting-edge expertise independent of their field of research and technology knowledge.

The event "Data Technologies for the Humanities" will focus on those technology platforms that are particularly suitable for research in the humanities.
In order to gain a practical insight, ongoing projects will be presented by platform users.

For more details, download the Eventflyer Data Technologies for the Humanities (PDF, 162 KB)


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Door opening

Welcome by Prof. Dr. Katharina Michaelowa, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Intro by Dr. Thomas Trüb: What are technology platforms and how to use them.

Rooms Plenary hall (SOC-E-010) Schrödinger Room Digital Library Space
4:45pm-5:00pm Z-Pool-Tool - the new UZH subject management system by Andreas Saurer
"Sammlung Digital". Publishing Collections and Archives as Linked Oped Data by Severin Rüegg
How the neural representation of numbers steers financial decision-making by Dr. Gilles de Hollander
(SNS Lab)
5:15pm-5:30pm Phonetic and perceptual analyses of talker variability and identification by Leah Bradshaw, M.Sc.
(LiRI Lab)

PARES/ Prototyping Workflows for Digital Editions by Irina Matti, M.Sc.
(Center Digital Editions)

Imag(in)ing spectroscopy for human-nature interactions by Prof. Dr. Maria J. Santos
5:45pm-6:00pm Aligning Vision and Language in Embodied AI Tasks by Jason Armitage, M.Sc.
(Science IT)
Experiences of the Swiss Federal Archives with automated metadata anonymization by Dr. Stefan Nellen
(LiRI LangTech)
"Bilder der Schweiz Online". Research and Collection Data for Art History and the Digital Humanities by Dr. Florian Kräutli
(SARI Research)

After presentations - Apero with Platform Boothes for further Questions

Participating Technology Platforms

Weiterführende Informationen

UZH's Center of expertise for scientific computing and IT services for research. 


Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI)

The Linguistic research Infrastructure provides infrastructure and equipment for all forms of linguistic research.

Digital Society Initiative (DSI)

As UZH's centre of excellence for digital transformation, the Digital Society Initiative shapes the digital transformation of society and science. 

Center Digital Editions & Edition Analytics (ZDE)

The ZDE is the central coordination facility for digital edition projects at UZH.

Laboratory for Social and Neural Systems Research (SNS Lab)

The SNS Lab is a leading infrastructure for research into human behaviour and decision-making.

Airbourn Research Facility for the Earth System (ARES)

ARES / APEX scans our world from above. Meanwhile, data precision even allows for humanities research.

Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI)

SARI offers methods and tools to access, structure, analyze, and research large corpora of digital images and metadata.