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Current research projects

Project leader Project title
Hedderich Inclusion in context of cultural diversity. An international study in institutions of elementary education
Learning together - living diversity. Media for Inclusive Early Childhood Education
Stress and Coping During Work in Selected Professions Working with People with Disabilities
Sethe (UZH) Hedderich (UZH) Darvishy (ZHAW) Margot-Cattin (HES-SO Valais) Disabled Researchers

Completed research projects

Project leader Project title
Egloff Personal Assistance: An Empirical Study on the Introduction and Implementation of Assistance Contribution in Switzerland
Hedderich School Situation of and Communicative Support for Severely Disabled
Burnout among Special Education Teachers
Body Activation and Positioning during Teaching Lessons with Severely Disabled Children
What Effect has the Personal Attitude on Pedagogical Acting?
Supported Communication as a Task of Early Intervention
Maria Montessori - the Remarkable Life of an Important Pedagogue
Living Environment and Life of Physically Handicapped Aged People.
Montessori-Diploma Course
"Counseling Center for Communication Support"
Outpatient Clinic for Rehabilitation - Interdisciplinary Centre for Early Childhood Development and Encouragement in Leipzig (Germany)
Observation Inventory: Communicative Competence and Needs - Implementation of a Diagnostic Tool for Small Children doing Supported Communication
Development Prognoses and Education: An Empirical Study focusing the Transition between Early Childhood Support and School Support for Children with Complex Disabilites
Burnout-Prevention in the Field of Special Needs Education: Development and Implementation of a Support Program
Burnout and Coping in Early Childhood Education: Job-related Coping Strategies of Educators
Stress Experience and Coping Strategies from Students in the Field of Special Education
Work as a Teacher for Special Education in Integrative Schools
Use of Plain Language in Participative Research. The Investigation of the Kreativwerkstatt (Creative Workshop) of the Bürgerspital in Basel. Examined, Described and Illustrated by People Employed there.
Biography and learning disability: Participatory research with people with learning disability
Cultural Diversity and Disability in German-Speaking Switzerland
Burnout-Prophylaxis in Special Needs Education. Development and Implementation of a Support Program
Living with Severe Disability: Family-Systems and Difficult Social Conditions
Jelinek-Menke Religion and Dis/ability. Disablement and Enablement in Religious Contexts.
Mühler Health in direct-care workers: Work-related factors and mechanisms in services for adults with intellectual disabilities
Reisel Poliomyelitis: A historical study about the effects of the epidemics on Switzerland
Vogel Campanello Masculinity and Nationality. Analyses of the Self-Portrayal of Rightwing Youth.
Zahnd The World Bank Discourse on Disability - Historical Development, Structures and Societal Influences

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